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If you are very exited about your idea
we can make it happen.
We combine many years of experience with technology
to bring your dream to life.
We are highly inventive people who are in love with coding. We strive to inspire you and expand your digital image. Our team is built on top of pure knowledge and experience that we transfer to each of our creations.

We offer appealing web and mobile-friendly solutions.

Responsive and modern websites with custom functionality.
Online stores
Online stores
Branded online stores for cost-effective and automated e-commerce.
Mobile apps
Mobile apps
Cross-platform and native apps for any modern phone or tablet.
Agile & DevOps coaching
Agile & DevOps coaching
Agile, Scrum, and DevOps process implementation, and team coaching.

We keep full cost transparency.

No hidden cost and fees. We show the price elements and the total cost ahead of the project start date. Once we start, we constantly keep track and update you on the burn rate so we deliver what we promise.
So, try our website pricing calculator to get a rough cost estimate for your new site or online store. Check your expectations and your budget against a quote for your dream project.

We make our clients happy with their choices.

From small and successful startups to big software giants - we have worked for a diverse variety of companies.
Photobooth software that integrates seven open source technologies. It is used at Microsoft conferences to take pictures of participants and tweet them instantly.
Document management, scheduling, and meeting tracking system for the Board of Directors. It also manages Board decision announcements.
Data gathering software for several production lines. It monitors specific production properties as well as overall quality and notifies management for issues.
National Tax System portal for managing property taxes. It includes internal pages for employees and external pages for clients.
Platform for interaction between students and professors. It allows sharing of course information, allows discussions, and gives professors the ability to track students' emotional intelligence.
Collaboration platform based on Microsoft Office that eliminates manual work related to preparing financial reports, allowing access to the latest accounting data, and eliminating the need of files.
We partnered with this software development agency to design and code many client projects. Our beliefs matched well so we invited several of their employees to work for us after Codative folded.
Social media platform for sport fans. Allows interaction by interests and tracks users' credibility, letting them interact based on the level of their knowledge.
Industrial level testing software that manages quality control equipment at several production lines as well as laboratory test-benches.
Consulting the client on DevOps improvements and the actual software development process - development guidelines, code repositories, approval and acceptance process.

We hire bright and enthusiastic software experts all the time.

Do you consider yourself a full-stack developer in several modern technologies? Can you always be on the clients' side - looking for the best solutions and never cut corners? Are you looking for a career instead of a job?
If you understand what we are looking for and you see yourself perfectly matching our values, please consider getting in touch with our team. We have offices in Toronto and New York.

We are partners with some major players.

Shopify partnerMicrosoft partner
Over the years, we have build lasting relationships with many of our clients but also with several software partners who extend our knowledge to guarantee a great solution every time a business engages with us.
Together, we deliver quality software, knowledgeable solutions, and credibility to your digital presence.
We bring your digital dreams to life®