Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy is simple - we do not store any personal information about your visit on our servers. And, as much as we can, we don't allow 3rd party plugins to do that too. There are those who we cannot control such as our online sources for UI elements and visitor statistics:We address that by not asking for any personal information from you. Even in our form for contacting us we do not use or submit data to anyone else. It goes directly to our servers. So, these companies may get your IP address but that's it. If you have stored their cookies in the browser, they may get that you visited us. But, we won't let them know anything else.
If we ask for your personal information for a secondary reason, for example when you contact us via the form or submit a request to confirm an estimation from our Pricing calculator, we will either ask you directly for your expressed consent, or provide you with an opportunity to say no.
If you become our client, your information is treated the same as our financial information - hidden and locked! We will not use it for anything you don't like or have not explicitly agreed with. And the ones you agreed will be listed clearly in our contract.


We don't use cookies* so that makes our life easy. We also don't have mailing lists to unsubscribe from. Our communication with clients is always personal, one-on-one, and we don't share our correspondence or your emails with anyone outside of the person at Codaflex you are working with.
* a small piece of information sent by a Web server to store on a Web browser so it can later be read back from that browser.

Changes to this policy

At some point in the future we may need to change our Privacy Policy. If anything changes, the first thing we will do is to let all visitors and clients know about it. We don't like others doing fishy business to us so we don't do it to anyone.

The small print

No small print! No need for that at Codaflex. We are honest, professional, and never hide things!

Contact us

For more information or if you have concerns, send us a message using our contact page. We will gladly address it in a timely manner.