We are flexible to fit our clients' process.

Creating software is not a straight-forward process. If it was, everyone was going to have successful products. Over the years, we have developed a framework, which we use as a guideline when working with our clients. It ensures our team follows important steps and does not miss any milestones that may be critical to the project.

Our standard software development process

We involve every stakeholder in the creative process from Day One. We keep the communication open throughout the project, seeking feedback from the client on every milestone. We believe this is the only way for us to deliver what is needed and avoid costly mistakes.
  1. Interview - we learn about your goals and users, confirming all assumptions.
  2. Initial designs - we create preliminary designs and talk to potential users.
  3. Sign off - you provide feedback and confirm the designs, or we go back to the drawing boards.
  4. Coding - we start the fun part - bringing your digital dreams to life.
  5. Demos - we keep talking to you and showing you our progress, making sure you get what you need.
  6. Test - we test the product internally, with you, and with real users.
  7. Success - we publish the solution and make sure you reach your success.
This way, you can be as involved as you want and get every detail of the decisions we make. We want ot make sure you get what you need and you are part of every critical moment of the creative process. At the same time, we know you are busy with your business so we will accomodate you in an unobtrusive way. We are flexible.
You are there in every step of the way.