Build a website your clients will admire.

Regardless what business you are in, one of the first things your clients will do is check the credibility of your website. And, we know you are busy with the core part of your business. So, the savvy person will find a good team to suggest, design, and build your presence online. No matter what you need - website for your company, a promotional event, an electronic catalog, a campaign or a promotion, and anything else you may want to tell the world about - Codaflex can help you.

How much does a new website cost?

We specialize in several new technologies that quickly bring to life a secure, stable, and scalable web presence. Our coders can create magic with almost any contemporary technological stack.
For smaller projects, we like working with WordPress. It allows building websites with a simple way for our non-technical clients to add and modify content. This is a solution many of our clients choose.
But sometimes standard products will not address the needs you have. Or, you may not want to box yourself in a spot you cannot get out of later. So, we also offer solutions with modern technologies such as Angular and React. They are powerful, open-source frameworks, which user-base and support keep growing exponentially in the last few years.
Sample website images
That is why there is no straight answer to the "cost" question. The price depends on the number of pages, the complexity of the designs you will choose, the interactivity of the site, as well as many other things that increase the difficulty. To give a very broad answer, ...
Creating a new website may cost as low as 8,000 dollars.
Use our pricing calculator to get a clearer understanding of the components that affect the cost. It will give you a preliminary quote based on the website elements you need.

How much time will developing a new website take?

Codaflex is very diligent when it comes to our clients' online presence. The process we follow when we create something new does not allow us to compromise. We get you involved from Day 1 and we keep you involved so you know what we do and why we do it. Your feedback is the key to delivering what you need in the most cost-effective way.
Creating a website may take from two weeks to a few months.
If you are still unclear of how much time and what will it cost you to have a brand new website, it means you have understood the complexity of providing straight answers. The proper way is to contact us, discuss your needs, and give us the chance to pitch to you an idea about the wholistic solution we may offer you. Do not forget we work with many startups so no idea is too weird or too crazy for us.
Give us a try. There is nothing for you to lose.