We work hard for our clients.

We do not believe that the right technology is enough. The startup mentality drives things to the end goal in the most effective way. We chose every member of our team carefully. Each of them had worked for a diverse variety of companies - from many small and successful startups to big software giants.

Our Lead

Our lead team has the startup mentality and experience to help your project reach its full potential. They can guide any project to success. They have also coached new teams in the first steps of their endeavours.
Miro Jeliaskoff, MBA, PMP
Technical Team Lead
Ivan Dragolov, MSc
Senior Software Architect
Teodora Piperkova, PMP, CSM
Agile Project Lead
Tatiana Dragolova, MSc
Information Security Lead
Combined experience
18+ years in startups
74+ years in software development
17+ years in coaching roles
"We wanted to keep growing so we founded Codaflex. We had to share our excitement about coding with other clients. We needed to make the work more enjoyable for them and ourselves, while offering superior and cost-effective products. We also mixed-in flexible service, unshakable reliability, and responsive process."

Our Core

We are supported by a team of extremely skilled and fun designers and developers as well as partners who work with us every day. We are flexible and scalable as our clients want us to be.
We have offices in Toronto, Canada and New York, USA. We do not think that cutting corners and lowering costs are the ways to achieve greatness. We want to be visible and accessible for our clients every day.
Funny team


You are busy with your day-to-day operation. The cost-effective option is to seek external expertise. But, we all know horror stories about teams in other countries. That is why we have built our presence here - in Toronto, Canada and New York, USA. No cutting corners to save money. We are close, visible, and accessible.

Our partners

We are also backed by the expertize of a few names you may know. It is good to reassure our credibility with the support of these major players.
Shopify partner logoMicrosoft partner logo

Our Goals

We love coding. That is our secret to delivering amazing products. We keep learning and growing together. And, our team knows how to work and how to play. We are a big fun nerdy family.
We believe that imagination is not learned. It is set by our environment since the day we were born. Different backgrounds and upbringings create different minds. Add diverse education and the variations are countless. So, we keep adding people with different backgrounds as long as they are the brightest and most experienced out--of-the-box thinkers.
Our track record is 100% client satisfaction. Many times, we are told that we delivered more than expected. And, even some people tell us it does not make business sense for our company. But, we like that. Our clients appreciate it too. Why change that?
Committed coders - that's who we are!