We understand our clients' needs.

Each of our clients knows we make sure we are part of the same team. Success is built on long-term relationships. We know that it is critical to build trust so clients can know they can 100% rely on us.

We focus on our strenghts.

In the last few years, our team focuses on unconventional projects. We are helping teams that want to change the status quo.
Startups require an immense and sustained effort to see an idea through to success. Sometimes coding is too much for a small team to take on. As tomorrow's builders ourselves, we are there for startups with ideas, manpower, and support - all that is needed to make your idea a success.
We like helping people that help other people. That is why we try to give back as much as we can. We work with charities and schools to build solutions that make them more effective. We do that so they can focus on what they do best - helping others.
Our team knows the world is going digital. Everyone's work and personal life now revolves around applications. And, this happens fast. That is why we help businesses get into the future. We make sure no one is left behind.

We make our clients happy with their choices.

Photobooth software that integrates seven open source technologies. It is used at Microsoft conferences to take pictures of participants and tweet them instantly.
Document management, scheduling, and meeting tracking system for the Board of Directors. It also manages Board decision announcements.
Data gathering software for several production lines. It monitors specific production properties as well as overall quality and notifies management for issues.
National Tax System portal for managing property taxes. It includes internal pages for employees and external pages for clients.
Platform for interaction between students and professors. It allows sharing of course information, allows discussions, and gives professors the ability to track students' emotional intelligence.
Collaboration platform based on Microsoft Office that eliminates manual work related to preparing financial reports, allowing access to the latest accounting data, and eliminating the need of files.
We partnered with this software development agency to design and code many client projects. Our beliefs matched well so we invited several of their employees to work for us after Codative folded.
Social media platform for sport fans. Allows interaction by interests and tracks users' credibility, letting them interact based on the level of their knowledge.
Industrial level testing software that manages quality control equipment at several production lines as well as laboratory test-benches.
Consulting the client on DevOps improvements and the actual software development process - development guidelines, code repositories, approval and acceptance process.
Online stores
As a long-term partner, D&V Electronics asked us to put their brick-and-mortar spare parts store on the web. Being a modern firm, they wanted to supplement their printed catalog with visually open and easily navigable e-commerce solution, while relieving their customer support from the expensive and archaic task of selling small and inexpensive items over the phone.
We picked a stable e-commerce platform to suit the needs. We customized the look and feel to preserve the branding of their corporate website. We also implemented some SEO tricks that would allow users to find D&V quickly and easily. Now, D&V exposed the spare parts and consumables they offer. Any client can access the online catalog, all parts specifications, and allow submitting orders from any place and at any time they need.
D&V Electronics online store screenshot
Productivity tools
Reportin screenshot
A startup wanted to break the mold of productivity suites, which held the world in the same box for years. Tasks were done manually just because it was always this way.
We went far and wide to pick the set of technologies that would solve the problem without having to install tons of software behind firewalls and needing approvals by IT departments. We kept going and helped the team realize there is a bigger opportunity behind a simple replacement of the copy/paste.
At the end, we started a real-time collaboration platform for almost anyone that works with a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.
Social media applications
A client needed us to envision a social media network for sport fans. It had to be unique but familiar, intuitive but do something no one has done before - display a conversation the way it happens in the real life.
So, we came up with a platform where conversations flow the natural way - how people jump in and out of topics, forget and come back to them. On top, we have built a credibility system - a ranking factor for each participant to measure their knowledge and expertise in particular sports.
Tout.it screenshot
We do not just deliver products. We become part of them.